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Erin Guimont

Senior Paralegal/Manager


Practice Specialties


Erin’s extensive experience in the legal field spans over 20 years, beginning with her role in assisting attorneys with medical records review. During this time, she had a significant impact on a high-profile case in Minnesota, where her involvement contributed to a million-dollar jury verdict. The case involved an immigrant who had become paralyzed after a crash. This experience likely shaped Erin’s understanding of the importance of justice and the impact it can have on individuals’ lives.

Erin’s dedication to justice and her belief in equal representation within the legal community led her to become an advocate for underrepresented groups. She recognized the disparities that exist within the justice system and found the results frustrating. This awareness likely fueled her commitment to promoting equality and working towards a more just society. 

As a proud mother of three children, two of whom were adopted from South America, Erin recognized the importance of embracing diversity and fostering an appreciation for different cultures. To facilitate this, she made it a priority to learn the Spanish language and familiarize herself with the culture of her children’s heritage.

Outside of her professional and family life, Erin enjoys traveling to visit her family and embarking on adventures along the way. This suggests that she values exploration and cherishes quality time with loved ones. It is possible that her travels also provide her with additional perspectives and experiences that further fuel her commitment to justice and equality.

Erin’s decision to join the May Jung team signifies her alignment with their enduring dedication to justice. Her wealth of experience, passion for equality, and commitment to her family make her a valuable addition to the team.