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Juvenile Hall Class Action Lawsuit

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What is the Juvenile Hall Class Action Lawsuit?

In January 2024, May Jungᴸᴸᴾ filed a class action lawsuit against the State of Maryland on behalf of individuals who allege they were sexually abused while detained as children at Maryland Department of Juvenile Services facilities. The State of Maryland created, promoted, and encouraged a culture of physical and sexual abuse by staff within its juvenile detention system. We want to ensure that the State is forced to make vital, decades-overdue changes to its juvenile system so that no child in a juvenile facility is ever sexually abused again.

Why This Case Matters to May Jungᴸᴸᴾ and Our Community

Our team is passionately dedicated to serving Black and Brown communities, advocating for the justice they rightfully deserve. The criminal justice system disproportionately impacts communities of color and disadvantaged populations, leading to an alarming overrepresentation of Black and Brown individuals in juvenile detention facilities compared to their total population. We are committed to securing justice for these survivors and ensuring that this abuse stops. 

Information on the Child Victims Act of 2023.

Maryland’s Child Victims Act, which took effect on October 1, 2023, eliminates the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse claims. The law has allowed survivors of child sexual abuse to seek justice through the courts when they otherwise would have been unable to do so previously.

How to Learn More About Our Class Action Lawsuit

If you or someone you know endured sexual abuse by staff while detained in a Maryland Department of Juvenile Services facility and would like to learn more about this class action lawsuit or how to become involved, you can book a free consultation by filling out the below form or calling 833-MAY-JUNG.

Your information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and care. 

Check out the press release here.

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