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Police Misconduct

Police officers are supposed to serve and protect our communities.  Instead, many communities of color have experienced abuse and mistreatment by law enforcement, resulting in cycles of violence and distrust throughout our country.  The origins, purposes, and constructs of policing in our country have created, reinforced, and perpetuated systemic imbalances of power in predominantly poor and Black and Brown communities—often resulting in irreparable harm and death. 

Rodney King, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tyre Nichols, and countless others do not represent the exceptions to 21stcentury policing.  They are televised revolutionaries for systemic reform. For every “news-worthy” case, there are countless more where there is no video of their death to go viral and the only march was their family’s funeral procession.

We at May Jung represent those families and communities that have been disrespected and devalued by the government state actors who abused their power and position, and the result was death or catastrophic injuries.  Far too often, we see law enforcement bank on the chance that nobody will pursue action against them because the power dynamic is too overwhelming.  We are not intimidated, and we know their tricks and tactics. We are a civil rights firm, and we approach, litigate, and win police misconduct cases from that fundamental foundation of civil rights.   We are unapologetic in our quest for justice on behalf of our communities. When we take on our broken law enforcement system, we’re seeking justice, not just compensation. We’ll fight to get you what you deserve, but we’ll take it one step further. We’ll work to make real, lasting changes to the system that injured you. Don’t settle for anything less.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of police violence, you need May Jung on your side. Be sure that you have an experienced advocate who can advise you in the midst of this traumatic experience and help you navigate the overwhelming circumstances you’re facing as a result. Please reach out and let us help you. Because justice for our people is personal.

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