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Case Results

Big wins for our clients.

$52 Million Settlement


In a $52 million dollar settlement deal with Monsanto Corporation, LaRuby May and Je Yon Jung acted as Co-Counsel on behalf of the District of Columbia, alleging that the company intentionally sold hazardous chemicals, deceived customers and regulators to maximize profits, and damaged the District's natural resources.

This was important work in obtaining money for cleaning up the Anacostia River and making it a local and national treasure again. Some of the money will be used to clean up District waterways.

$330,000 Recovered


Recovered $330,000 in a workers' compensation claim  for a client who was injured in a car accident while driving at work. 

$2.15 Million Recovered

A family was awarded $2.15 million in a wrongful death case against a corporation. The corporation was found to have caused the death by failing to warn of a dangerous condition. The case was settled after several days in mediation with a retired judge.

$135,000 Recovered


Recovered $135,000 in a workers' compensation claim for a client who injured his knee while working in a fast-food restaurant.